Christine Begg Award

The Christine Begg “Beggsie” Award was devised as a way for the club to show it’s appreciation to people who have made a substantial contribution to the club during the year, no matter their relationship to the club. The Award is voted upon by members of the committee and our main shows production team (Director, MD, Stage Manager). In it’s first year the award was given to it’s namesake as a sign of appreciation for the long number of years Christine Begg has been involved in the club, including multiple stints on the committee.

Past Recipients
2008   Christine Begg
2009   Carole Stout
2010   Celia Cameron
2011   Pauline Forrest
2012   Pauline Forrest
2013   Euan Forrest
2014   Jane Hepworth
2015   Frances Rapallini
2016   Pamela Frew
2017   May Connelly & Pauline Forrest
2018   Grace Hepworth
2019   Emily MacGillivray

Rules for the Christine Begg Award

  1. The Award will be called the Christine Begg Award.
  2. The Award will be awarded annually at the Awards night, usually the Friday of the show week.
  3. The Award will be for the individual who has contributed most to the activities of the Club in that year.
  4. The recipient of the Award need not be a paid-up Member of the club.
  5. The decision who should receive the Award will be made by the committee in consultation with the Production team.
  6. The recipient will hold the Award for one year and return it to the Club, in good condition, before the show in the following year.
  7. The club secretary will write to the recipient in good time to remind them to return the Award trophy.
  8. All cost associated with maintaining and engraving the Award trophy will be borne by the club.