First of all a huge thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the Savoy’s Spring Concert two weeks ago, our performance of Trial By Jury and the rest of the evenings musical numbers all met with great reception from an appreciative audience. Since then though we’ve not been resting on our laurels – with the first official production meeting for this years main show, Fiddler On The Roof (7th-10th Nov) and pre-audition rehearsals and read-throughs going on since the start of May.

As those who came to the Spring Concert will have seen the familiar face (backstage at least) of former club member and professional cameraman, Andrew Turnbull. Who was on hand to film the entirety of Trial By Jury. The G&S comedy operetta is old enough that it is long since out of copyright protection, allowing us the opportunity to upload the whole thing to YouTube for anyone to see! The show is available online now and can be watched below or by clicking this link. The show is split into 3 roughly 10 minute segments with a full run of 35 minutes.

Auditions for Fiddler On the Roof will be taking place this Wednesday (16th May) at St.Michaels Church Hall. Anyone who wishes to audition and hasn’t made it to the past two rehearsal/read-through evenings with the club should contact the club secretary ASAP at: to receive the schedule and audition pieces.

Meanwhile on the fundraising side of things, the club members are currently selling ducks for our annual Duck Race & BBQ fundraiser event. Ducks cost £2 and can be “bought” from most club members. Duck-tastic prizes await both winners and losers!