Here are all the answers to the Savoy Quizsheet that was for sale over the past month or so. The sheets raised a great £176 for the Savoy and our thanks to Pauline for writing and organising it once again. The winner was Mrs Logan, receiving 4 free tickets with complimentary drinks for The Wizard of Oz performance of her choice.

1. On what date was the 2011 Census taken? 27th March

2. Who plays the mother of Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 film adaptation of “Hairspray”? John Travolta

3. In what musical do the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies appear? Grease

4. In the nursery rhyme Tom, Tom, the Piper’s son what did Tom steal? Pig

5. Name the product behind this advertising slogan , “a million housewives every day”? Heinz Baked Beans

6. How did Vincent van Gogh die? He shot himself

7. It’s an alien-monitoring organisation and an anagram, of “Doctor Who”. What is it? Torchwood

8. If you travel west across the International Date Line do you gain or lose a day? Gain

9. What Boer War hero founded the Scout Movement? Robert Baden Powell

10. In the TV program who were Andy Pandy’s two friends? Looby Loo and Teddy

11. Name 3 sports where competitors move backwards? Tug of War; rowing; backstroke swim; high jump

12. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s dog? Pluto

13. What was the last battle fought on British soil? Culloden 1746

14. What happened to Solomon Grundy on Wednesday? Got married

15. From what film is the hit song “My Heart Will Go On”? Titanic

16. In what musical movie would you find the “Kit Kat Club”? Cabaret

17. What is One Canada Square in London better known as? Canary Wharf Tower

18. In which story does the Cheshire Cat appear? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

19. In The Lord of the Rings, what is the name of Gandalf’s horse? Shadowfax

20. 90% of the fresh water in the world can be found where? Antarctic ice sheet

21. In what year was the London Marathon first run? 1981

22. Which Mr. Man wears a bandage round his head? Mr Bump.

23. What are the colours on a Rubik’sCube ? Red; orange; yellow; green; blue; white

24. Flower of Kent, Pink Lady and York Imperial are all varieties of which fruit? Apple

25. What type of animal featured in the film “Flushed Away”? Rat

26. Which two American States do not border any other? Hawaii; Alaska

27. If A=1 and Z=26 what does Q=? 17

28. Female ducks are the only ones to quack – true or false? True

29. Who was the first British Prime Minister to appear on live TV? Neville Chamberlain 1938

30. What was the band “Wings” only no.1 single in Britain? Mull of Kintyre

31. The first Briton went into space in 1991; what was her name? Helen Sharman

32. In Romeo and Juliet, what age is Juliet at her death? 13

33. What is the real first name of actor Brad Pitt? William Bradley

34. From what musical does the song “Over the Rainbow” come? The Wizard of Oz

35. How many teeth should a healthy pre school child have? 20

36. Which radio broadcaster’s “Letter from America” ran for over 50 years? Alistair Cooke

37. Which of the five continents is the only one to have never staged the Olympics? Africa

38. How many spikes does Bart Simpson have in his hair? 9

39. In what year were East and West Germany reunited? 1990

40. For how many seasons did the sitcom “Friends” run? 10

41. What sport is associated with the film “Field of Dreams”? Baseball

42. What is the name given to the text of an opera? Libretto

43. Which DJ was the first to be heard on Radio 1? Tony Blackburn

44. During wartime rationing in Britain, how many fresh eggs a week were allowed per person? 1

45. In “Sing a Song of Sixpence”, what was the queen eating? Bread and honey

46. Name the product behind the slogan “Tap it and unwrap it” Terry’s chocolate orange

47. What is the only city to be in two continents? Istanbul

48. In the language of flowers, what does a red rose mean? True love

49. Who is the narrator for the children’s programme “In the Night Garden”? Derek Jacobi

50. How many lines are in a sonnet? 14

51. When did the first home computer appear on the market? 1977

52. Little Jackie Paper was the friend of which magical creature? Puff the Magic Dragon

53. What is the largest carnivore in Britain? Grey Seal

54. In the Sherlock Holmes stories, what is Dr Watson’s first name? John

55. What body part on an African elephant is bigger than that on Indian elephant? Ears

56. In the Harry Potter stories, what is the name of the wandmaker’s shop in Diagon Alley? Olivander’s

57. What is the weight (in lbs and oz) of a Hollywood Oscar statuette? 8lbs 8oz

58. What is the collective term for a group of owls? A Parliament

59. What herb would you use to make a pesto sauce? Basil

60. What is the name of Dorothy’s dog in “The Wizard of Oz”? Toto